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A Stitch In Time

I've got to be honest....I don't know much about the complex world of the embroiderer. When it comes to fulfilling orders for embroidery, we pass all the info on to our trusted partners, who know everything there is to know about it!  The guys we use have been embroidering things for over forty years, from a few polo shirts, to thousands of garments destined for the high street.  Their portfolio of work is second to none, and their prices are as competitive as anyone in the industry.

They can produce almost any image you want (so long as it's yours), on to a whole range of garments including Work Wear and Leisure Wear, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Fleeces, Softshells, Aprons, Body Warmers and Jackets.  They can embroider Caps and Hats, Towels and even Bags!  They're a bit like Molly's Chambers, 'You want it?, They've got it!' .........all ya gotto do is ask :)

All we require is good quality artwork, that you either produced yourself, or someone produced for you (that doesn't infringe any copyrights), and information as to the type of garment you want it on. If you're looking for a new logo or design for your Club, Team, Charity, Business or anything else, then just let us know. We will contact you the same day to discuss what you're after, and then get to work on designing your perfect image.

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