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'It's Not About The Money, money, money......'

I'm sure we all felt a certain irony when we heard Jesse trying to tell us it was nothing to do with the price tag back in 2011, so let me tell y'all, right here right now, we're not in it for the money!  No no no, y'see a few years ago, I found myself a little close to the edge, wandering around wondering what the point of it all was.  I'd been here before, and that time, I actually stepped off!  That time around, I was lucky (very lucky), and was given another chance to get up and carry on.  This time, I could see the signs and thought it best I sought a bit of professional advice asap!  It took a bit of time, but I eventually spoke to my GP who suggested it was probably ADHD with a bias towards Autism.  Turns out, I've been like this all my life without even knowing! Suddenly, everything came into focus......all the jobs I've managed to get and loose, all the friends I've managed to upset without realising, all the poor decisions I've made (like.....loads of 'em!), suddenly I had an answer, an explanation.  I'd been blaming myself for years, for being an idiot and an arse, when all the time it was my brain, busy trying to join the dots, but couldn't find the next number!

I was referred to a local service that deals with 'people like me', where I met Pete.  To cut a long story short, Pete listened, considered, understood and then suggested.  He was the first person I had ever come across (other than in a doctors surgery) that believed me when I said....'I don't know what I'm doing'.  Because I'd gone out and managed to get a degree (in Interior Design back in 1999), everybody else I talked to just kept saying 'of course you know what you're doing, you've got a degree!', and then proceeded to talk about how easy things are to achieve if you put your mind to it. Naively, I listened, and then tried to carry out what they had said was 'so easy' (because of course, 'I know exactly what I'm doing!').  Pete and I became friends, and it is a consequence of our friendship, that (this time) I do know what I'm doing!

It's probably obvious now, but it became apparent to me, that there were a lot of people out here, that have experienced similar things to me, who have found themselves close to the edge, but not managed to bring themselves back.  I looked at what I was doing (making T Shirts), and realised there is something here that may be able to help.  Through experience, I found that with the right surroundings, and the right people, I was able to concentrate on the 'now' and if I did start colouring in outside the lines again, there was someone there to bring me back.

And that, people, is why we are here!

Making T Shirts, is fun! and when people receive their shirts from us, they are as Happy as Larry (!) and can't wait to put them on and have a laugh or wear them with pride!  We take pride in what we do, and have a real sense of responsibility towards our customers, and the perception of them to their customers.  I personally take responsibility to train each and every person that comes to us and show them not only how to produce a shirt, but how to cope with the fragility of their lives.  Everyone helps each other be the best they can be, through support and understanding.  People are treated with dignity and respect, and are actively encouraged to get involved with the whole process from concept to finished product, where their opinion counts and their efforts are rewarded.  Your order doesn't just mean a few more quid in the pot, it gives people a reason to persevere, a reason to step back from the edge and a belief in a brighter future....................more than just 'T' Shirts!

You can be assured, your order is very much appreciated and will go a long way along a very long road!

Thanks, Chris :)

Drop us a line....would be cool to hear from you :)

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